About Xengo

Metro Atlanta & Cobb County's Best Sushi & Asian Fusion restaurant located in East Cobb, Marietta.

Owners of Izumi Asian Bistro, Carmen and On have done it again. Izumi Asian Bistro is a Woodstock and Metro Atlanta favorite. If you ask anyone who lives in Towne Lake what is the best restaurant in town, they will all say "I Love Izumi's"!

When Carmen and On first decided to live the dream of opening their own restaurant, the journey started in East Marietta, Cobb County. In fact Xengo's was for sale and they wanted their first restaurant to be in the current Xengo location. However, it must not have been in the cards at that time. East Marietta was Carmen and On's first choice for a location but it ended up being in Woodstock.

Izumi's in Woodstock ended up being a raging success and they are still thriving today. The time has come for a second restaurant and Xengo's location and fell into place.

Join the awesome staff at Xengo's for great service, a delectable meal and more! Live life to its fullest!